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Nowadays, Water Sanitation network infrastructures are usually built by means of civil works, while the use of prefabricated materials can offer many advantages, such as the safety of workers, the guarantee of watertightness and speed in the completion of the work. An example of this are Pumping Wells, which fit in perfectly with the Prefabricated Solutions which the LEKUNBIDE GROUP offers its clients.

Pumping Wells generally consist of several chambers at different levels, with complex designs. The LEKUNBIDE GROUP aims at optimizing these designs, enabling them to be made in one or several (depending on the size of the precinct), easily and rapidly installed pieces. The watertightness of the precinct is guaranteed by the pre-installation of the orifices and pipes needed for the interconnection of the pipes of the precinct and, naturally, by the watertightness guarantee techniques which have always been offered by the LEKUNBIDE GROUP.

Other solutions offered by the LEKUNBIDE GROUP to the Water Sector market are:

  • Water Storage Tanks on Sloping Pavements (for the Fire Brigade)
  • Leachate Tanks
  • Waste Treatment Tanks
  • Enclosures for sand traps

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