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The LEKUNBIDE GROUP’s Junction Chambers are designed for the installation of Very High Voltage Underground Power Lines (VHVL). In these lines, the cable supply length limitations necessitate the installation of intermediate Junction Chambers.

In response to this need and with the aim of decreasing Junction Chamber installation time, minimize the risk of accidents and guarantee the watertightness of the precincts, the LEKUNBIDE GROUP’s Prefabricated Monoblock Junction Chamber was created.

Features of the LEKUNBIDE GROUP's Junction Chambers:

  • Direct on-site installation of fully finished product.
  • Possibility of including secondary manhole cover for emergency evacuation.
  • Apt for installation in zones of heavy traffic (under roadway).
  • Possibility of pre-installation of the internal earthing ring, Halfen-type fixtures, etc.
  • Wide range of designs for both standard and personalized solutions, for 132 or 220 kV, Single or Double Circuit variants, and with or without entrance for auxiliary line.
  • Possibility of adapting the enclosure design to existing space requirements.
  • Possibility of manufacturing the enclosure in two pieces to cater for transport, access or weight restrictions.

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