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The LEKUNBIDE GROUP’s Distribution Substation Buildings are designed for the installation of substations or the compacting of substations already in service, and intended as an alternative to sandwich-type, panel-based prefabricated buildings.

New technologies and materials have made it possible to compact substations within buildings which minimize visual impact and reduce the production and assembly time of the installations.

The LEKUNBIDE GROUP’s Distribution Substation Buildings are presented as prefabricated reinforced concrete buildings made up of as few modules as possible, adapted to the requirements of the client and to the available space, and with a basement for the passage of cables, with an internal free height of 2m., which also acts as the foundation of the building, drastically reducing the civil works required.

This solution considerably reduces the civil works operations required, with an average mounting time of two weeks. The buildings can be installed underground, semi-subterranean or on the surface.

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