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The LEKUNBIDE GROUP’s MORCALEK-type Prefabricated Stations are Surface Transformer Stations specially designed to be installed in urban environments, seeking to minimize visual impact by adaptation to the surroundings and to the urban style of the zone.

Nowadays, it is normal to look for alternative solutions to the installation of conventional “shed type” surface stations in urban zones, by express requirement of the client or Council, or because of the characteristics of the zone. In response to this need, the LEKUNBIDE GROUP’s MORCALEK-type Prefabricated “Urban” Surface Station has been created.

The standard MORCALEK-type stations are intended as Company TS’s, but can be designed in Subscriber, Subscriber-company, Sectioning or Distribution configurations, for both 24 kV and 36 kV. Our standard models are:

  • MORCALEK TS for one Transformer of up to 36 kV and 1000 kVA
  • MORCALEK TS for two Transformers of up to 36 kV and 1000 kVA

Specific features of the Morcalek Urban Surface Transformer Station:

  External finish in polished bare concrete, with the possibility of applying facings of up to 10 cm.  
  Adjustable depth pedestrian door, adaptable to the external finish.  
  Height above pavement level: 2.30 m., permitting its integration into fencing.  
  Possibility of mounting the Station in sloping pavements or surfaces or attaching it to an existing wall.  
  Auxiliary entrance for connection of Generator cables, also of adjustable depth.  
  Hybrid ventilation with “horizontal” air intake and upper “vertical” outlet by flue.  
  Materials introduced through the roof of the building, making the introduction of equipment easier and minimizing points of access by third parties from the exterior.  
  Minimum occupation of urban land, only the front wall needing to be free.  
  Possibility of direct installation on slopes with no need for added reinforcements or walls.  
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