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The Renewable Energy Sector has been undergoing a rapid development over the last few years. The appearance of new requirements in the photovoltaic sector has led the LEKUNBIDE GROUP to develop new solutions for Transformer Stations, especially 1000 kVA TS configurations with additional inverter cubicle. Moreover, the changes introduced by the new RD 1578/2008 may lead to new Transformer Station designs with higher power inverters and transformers.

The LEKUNBIDE GROUP offers its clients a wide range of Surface, Semi-subterranean and Underground Transformer Station designs, as a solution to the different requirements of the photovoltaic sector. Our Technical Department studies each of the requests of our clients individually, offering personalized solutions for each case.

Moreover, the LEKUNBIDE GROUP has different solutions for Pneumatic Rubbish Collection Enclosures, Geothermal Energy Equipment Installations, and any other service which may be demanded from this sector.

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