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One of the areas of greatest activity of the LEKUNBIDE GROUP over the last few years has been the supply of underground buildings for Tram Substations, such as the Parla and Vitoria Tram systems.

In both cities, the LEKUNBIDE GROUP has provided taylormade solutions for housing the electrical units necessary for the tramline power substations, drastically reducing the risks and time involved in civil works.

The prefabricated modular buildings for Tram Substations are made in various reinforced concrete modules which, when joined on site, are capable of housing the necessary units. In each project, the design of the modules is determined by the specifications of the client, the land available, the existing infrastructures, the space required for the units, and the restrictions imposed by the transport of the pieces.

Several of the designs of the LEKUNBIDE GROUP can currently be found in the Tramline projects of cities such as Seville, Jaen or Saragossa.

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