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As part of the construction sector, the LEKUNBIDE GROUP is aware of its responsibility in the development and growth of Society. Urban and regional development creates many requirements for the installation and modification of networks. The LEKUNBIDE GROUP’s commitment to innovation takes the form of a constant search for alternatives and solutions for these requirements, in order to promote the controlled development of these networks.


Moreover, our perception of urban environments has become more demanding and, nowadays, Councils and Town Planners demand the careful integration of the buildings necessary for these networks. The LEKUNBIDE GROUP specializes in prefabricated underground solutions and in the integration of all kinds of buildings with diverse types of finish and configuration.

In large volume operations, such as Electricity Substations, as far as possible, we aim for the liberation of space through burial, in order to leave it available for other uses. An example of this are the Urban Tramline Power Substations built by the LEKUNBIDE GROUP in various cities, which, thanks to their total burial, leave large areas free for the enjoyment of citizens while, at the same time, improving the general aesthetics of the operation.

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