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The special designs of the LEKUNBIDE GROUP include solutions based on standard models to which specific modifications are made to meet the needs of the client. Although there is a great variety of special designs, we list some of the more common ones below:

  • Sloping roofs with up to three angles of slope on the same roof.
  • Change of size of the enclosure.
  • Change of location of the wall opening.
  • Manufacture in one or more pieces according to the space available and/or transport conditions.
  • Manufacture with basement for cable gallery.
  • Specific design of ventilation systems adapted to the urban environment.

In short, taylormade designs which permit the adaptation of these enclosures to the specific requirements of each client, solving their problems by means of prefabrication.

E.g. Underground TS with basement for cable gallery
  Type of
External measures
Len. x W. x H. (m)
Inside height (m)
of basement
  V 4,75 x 2,30 x 2,91 2,00   See Download  
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