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Our logistics department deals with all the operations necessary for the transport of the module to its destination and the installation of the same in its final location.

To begin with, a Prior Logistical Study is carried out, in which the transport and installation limitations are looked into: gauge limitations, maximum crane size, transport manoeuvring space, etc. This study includes the activities of the staff of both the LEKUNBIDE GROUP itself and that of our trusted suppliers: crane operators, carriers, etc.

The results of this study are given to the clients, in order for them to have all the information they may need about the operations involved.

Once the Prior Logistical Study has been accepted, the LEKUNBIDE GROUP deals with all the logistical management operations, coordinating the transport vehicle, its own staff and the installation cranes, in order to carry out the operation in the shortest possible time and take care of any eventuality.

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