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Advantages of prefabrication
compared to on-site construction

Prefabrication compared to on-site construction

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Prefabricated products offer a number of advantages in comparison with on-site production, which have led them to gain preference in diverse fields of the construction trade.

  • Factory production quality: The control of materials and manufacturing conditions in prefabrication installations ensure the high quality of the product, in comparison with the uncertainties of on-site production.
  • Durability: The strict control of the coatings and the compactness of the concrete guarantee better durability, improving its long term performance.
  • Reduction of on-site risks: Thanks to our experience in the installation of large prefabricated units, we are able to minimize the risk of accidents in comparison with on-site production. Moreover, in the case of underground solutions, the excavation is required to be open for less time, reducing the risk of falls, landslips, etc.
  • Fast installation: The average time needed for installing a prefabricated building is one morning, whereas on-site production requires several weeks. This saving makes for greater useable space on site and the possibility of installation in poor ground or soils with a high groundwater level.
  • Cost reduction due to industrialized and specialized production: Scale economy and industrialized production make for a considerable reduction in costs.
  • Standardized products: All the catalogued products fulfil the regulations applicable to the functions for which they are designed. In the case of taylormade modules, our specialist technicians will apply existing regulations, saving you the need to invest time in looking for this information.
  • Tested products: Our products are delivered fully tested, from material strength tests to water penetration tests by immersion, giving the guarantee of an ideal final product.

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